Amagami Character Song Vol. 6

The troublemaker has arrived.

It's Black Friday, and I'm releasing a character song titled Thanksgiving. Quite appropriate. TwoFive knew what they were doing with corporate synergy when this came to be. There won't be any Amagami releases in December, but I would recommend using Nogizaka Purezza's first A la carte CD's songs for holiday music. Deck the halls to the sounds of N's and...well, maybe not just yet. But December 1st is around the corner.

Direct Download

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Queen's Blade Character Songs

Coming to you live from Heaven, it's Nanael!

Hello, loyal fans of the Queen's Blade tournament. Did you catch my battle with Airi this week? Things are getting more intense by the minute. Though it'll be a while before we get around to it in widescreen.

Now, it's time for a round of character songs, right from Gainos' anachronistic karaoke halls! Short skits featuring the main singers are on there. The trios for the endings of both seasons are here, with Nowa and Elina thrown in for good measure. Doesn't look like everyone else will be getting character songs. That's what you get for being a secondary character. Yes, I'm looking at you, Hachi. Scans included, 320kbps, etc.

Direct Downloads of all Character Songs

Individual torrents:
Airi (Kanae Itou)
Elina (Kaori Mizuhashi)
Leina (Ayako Kawasumi)
Melona (Rie Kugimiya)
Menace (Yuuko Gotou)
Nanael (Aya Hirano)
Nowa (Mikako Takahashi)
Tomoe (Mamiko Noto)

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