State of the Character Songs Spring 2010

Since the Spring 2010 season begun, I have implemented a Twitter feed (seen to the right) to allow for up-to-the-minute news on character songs, who's singing them, and what shows they're for. But, things like that will eventually fade off the main page, and so, the State of the Character Songs will continue to take place about a month into a new season. Let's begin.

Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~
A Character Vocal Collection for the show has been announced. While the show's second season brought two character singles from the Battle of the Bands, this is a full album, and likely to cover more of the cast (which is still only a small fragment of the cast.) More info on this as it develops.

B Gata H Kei
A character song album was confirmed for the show near the very start of the season. The show's got a fair amount of characters to its name, so at least the more major ones are likely to get a song. Specifics will be revealed as soon as I can get them, but an album does indeed exist.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Four Concept CDs have been confirmed, fitting the usual Geneon mold of one or two character songs and some short drama. The first one ("School Side") has songs for Misa and for Sakura/Shizuko. Two maid side CDs are also announced, as well as "Another Side". Who sings on the remaining three will be revealed also as it develops.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
A Variety CD is planned, and is very likely to include at least one song from the show's five female stars - Toyosaki, Hikasa, Yuuki, Hirohashi and Itou. Specifics to be announced when they come. This is another drama/character song dual release.

Angel Beats!
The show's CD lineup has been mostly revealed, and it fits into the category usually reserved for flyingDog shows and Basquash!. No character songs proper, but a lot of insert songs from Girls Dead Monster, one single of which has already been released. Two more ("Thousand Enemies" and "Little Braver") are on the way.

All the show's music appears to be released with the show itself, starting with the OP single being packaged with the first DVD. Until the show's website uncovers more, I can't say for certain, but the odds of there being character songs, given the voice cast and type of series, place it at "pretty likely".

Arakawa Under the Bridge
The possibility exists, being a Starchild Shaft Shinbo trifecta, but I'm not totally certain, especially with the show's ED single being released so close to the end of the show's life. But if something is announced, I will state it, as always.

kiss x sis
Already have full info on this one. First up is an AkoRiko mini album, featuring some solos and some duets from the twins. Then there's the character song/soundtrack release, with songs from Ako, Riko and the other three girls in the show. Miharu (the one with the glasses), Yuuzuki (the teacher) and Mikazuki (the little one).

Mayoi Neko Overrun!
While the director may change every week, the music is consistent. The four leading girls are all getting character singles. Fumino, Chise, Nozomi and Otome are planned.

The second season of an insanely popular series that has made the sales of its CDs an industry onto itself. Of course it's getting character songs, that's not a question. All that remains is a matter of "when". Given that !! (don't ask me how you pronounce that) is running for somewhat longer than its previous season, it may not be until we're well into the summer. But it will happen.

I know I mostly tend to report on shows that I watch (by chance or choice, most shows that I watch end up getting character songs), in fairness, if anyone is watching Hakuoki, there are character songs for that show as well.

See you in the summer, readers!

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Hanamaru Kindergarten Best Album - childhood memories

Actually the second Alice in Wonderland themed cover on this site.

Take what I said about scans, and magnify it. Plus, Hanamaru has some great songs among its number, covering a wide variety of genres and themes. Including magical girl, horror show and Charlie Brown + black and white movie. The OST is also included, because it was the second disc. Starchild does have a tendency to do that with its releases. All songs and all scans are here, and there's a lot of them. Over an hour of music on the first disc alone.

Direct Download

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Umi Monogatari Drama CD

Everyone, I love you!

Were it not for character songs, I would not have started this blog. Were it not for character songs, I would not have obtained this CD. Kana Asumi, as Marin, sings a song by the name of her catchphrase. Two songs by marble and a song by Masumi Itou are also present. If you want marble's songs in full, look for their album Kuusou Jet!.

Direct Download

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Saki Portable OP ED

If they're playing their own game, we have entered a recursive reality.

The first of three releases I have in store for today, though there's plenty of releases in general on the way. We're in the end of the month release-happy period, and a new season is upon us. In here are the OP and ED to Saki Portable, sung by Little Non. Easier to understand than "bloooomin'", but still catchy. Absurdly long title, though. I haven't seen something of that length since Higurashi Daybreak's single.

Direct Download

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Tentai Senshi Sunred Vocal Album

Florsheim invites you to sing with them!

I'm glad I was able to release this one. Features songs for several heroes, including the Weather Three, Sunred himself, Sakyuun, Night Owl (not that one [formerly Nightman]}, and plenty of others. Enjoy.

Except for Shuchishin. That's not on here. But it was ultra-popular for a time, so finding it shouldn't be terribly difficult.

Edit: I accidentally put "Kakishima Shinji" instead of "Kakijima Shinji" in the tags. Sorry about this mistake.

Direct Download

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Higurashi Kizuna 4th Single - Angelic bright

Hanyuu, take us home.

I'm aware it's been a while since I've released something, but I'm not going to stop. The times are changing. I've added a Twitter feed off to the side (the news of which will be collected into the State of the, I'm not stopping those), and have two new releases today. Celonius28 also has been authorized on TokyoTosho, so you can be sure it's an official release. (I'm the only one using this name as it is. Obscure anime can do that.)

My desire to have scans is both my strength and my weakness. This lacked scans, so I provided some. In here is the theme to the fourth and last of the Higurashi Kizuna DS game series. This version's singles are sung by Ayane, one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Direct Download

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