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While on my daily looking around at the Animate website, I happened upon some news for releases that tickles my fancy.

Strike Witches will be getting a Character Song album, though that was almost inevitable with the seiyuu cast in it. Also, the Character Song album will have no pants. Though you probably could've guessed that.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama is also getting a Character Song album. Unless the show is on the absolute edge of seriousness, really, most shows get one these days. Yukana as Kuugen Tenkou, Yui Kano as Misaki Sakura, and Saori Hayami as Kou are among the voices that will be on this album.

Just to show that, yes, I also cover tokusatsu, Enjin Sentai Go-onger has confirmed a "Go-on Girls" mini-album. The female duo on the show hasn't been called attention to since Dekaranger, and with the bright and bubbly Saki and the ojou-type brother-crushing absolutely insane when she gets worked up Miu contrasting each other, I await this release as much as I await every musical release.

And that's how it is.
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State of the Character Songs: Spring/Summer 2008

We're about a month into the Summer 2008 season right now, and it's time for me to look over all the shows that I'm watching and relay information about their character songs. Why this facet, of all things? Everyone notices openings and endings, and my interest in Drama CDs is less than it should be. But character songs are a way to relay information about the cast through music, and are one of the best, if most optional, things a show can provide. So let the lookout begin.

Spring 2008 and Summer 2008 Shows


To Love-Ru: With a wide female cast and a good selection of seiyuu, TLR is covered with the five Variety CDs that will be released over the course of the year. The first one has already been released, covering Lala Satalin Deviluke, Mikan Yuuki, and Haruna Sairenji. There's still so many other characters left, and with three songs apiece in the Variety CDs, TLR will add a wide amount of music to my iTunes in the coming months.

Kanokon: Five character songs for Chizuru, Kouta, Nozomu (her seiyuu is a newbie, so this should be interesting), Akane (awesome!) and the twins. Unfortunately, these are only packaged with the Limited Edition DVDs, so one's chances of obtaining them are bordering on the exceptionally rare. Chizuru's is already out, so the rest will hopefully follow.

D.C. II S.S.: Da Capo previously covered its entire selection of haremettes last Fall, so nothing to worry about here.

Kamen no Maid Guy: Four Character Song CDs are planned. The first is Kogarashi and Naeka, the second is Naeka and her Those Two Guys and the Naeka's Breasts Fanclub. I look forward to hearing these, as Maid Guy's quirky cast and crazy awesomeness should make for good music. Now if only the CDs surfaced...but not even Slayers Revolution appeared immediately, so time is given.

Zettai Karen Children: From SynergySP, with the associated marketing style. Much like Hayate the Combat Butler before it, the entire cast will get songs. The Children will be doing solo versions of "Over the Future", but the Karen Girl's performed it best. Should make for a nice collection.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama: Not the kind of show to have character songs, and none have been announced. Though if they decide to release a song or two, I wouldn't mind. Especially one by Sakura Misaki.

Soul Eater: As the nature of the show makes it, Weapons and Partners work best in a duet. Soul and Maka, Black*Star and Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and the Thompson Sisters all have duet CDs planned. Soul resonance for some soul music. Maka's VA may be new at the game, but I want to give her a chance. Like I am with Nozomu.

Code Geass R2: Like last time, six Sound Episodes, six Character Songs. C.C. (who just recently went through hell and came out with amnesia) and Rollo (may his heart stop beating) already have songs, with more to follow. Lelouch? Nunally? Orange-kun?

Special A: Already has two Character Song albums out, and Kei and Hikari have been covering tunes on the OP and ED singles. Though I wonder if solo versions of "Special Gyutto Good luck!" and "Gorgeous 4U" will be released. Megumi-chan needs to sing more.

Vampire Knight: Might it happen? Yes. They have Yui Horie and Mamoru Miyano, anything is possible. Do I see it happening? Not so much. There are other ways to get money out of fangirls.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: We're in luck! Technically, the ED themes count as Character Songs in their own right, even Teika's duet. A second album for all non-Midarezaki members was listed on the Lantis site, then pulled. Last time this happened was with Kimiaru, and that ended up being delayed for six months. Kind of like the TTGL DVD. Let's not have that happen again, shall we?

Penguin Musume Heart: They have the voices, they have the talent, but CDs are few and far between. I can only see it happening if they decide that Sakura Nakyoku's voice must be spread to the masses. Which they very well may, given her hug pillow.


Ikkitousen Great Guardians: The Character Song front was technically covered in Dragon Destiny, so instead, a Best Album is being released. I find this very good, as to acquire all the music from any one show is a thing of splendor in its own right.

Sekirei: Much like Nanoha, Sekirei will have Sound Stages. These Sound Stages will have Character Songs. So this show is completely covered, meaning that even if Saori Hayami doesn't sing as Kou, she can sing as Musubi.

Slayers Revolution: The past has produced character songs, so I see no reason why the present can't. Not as much as some of the shows above, but it has potential in this day and age.

Koihime Musou: Might, might not. This one could go either way, though I still can't quite keep track of who was who. I know absolutely nothing about the Three Kingdoms, but I'm putting things together.

Hidamari Sketch x 365: Last time Hidamari was on-air, all that appeared was the Hidachara album. Nice, but small. Now, each of the Hidamarisou girls is getting their own individual album, and another Image Album is planned along with it. My nutbladder is exploding with joy.

Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~: What would our favorite fantasy tsundere be without her music? Four character songs, as per the standard of the past. Tiffania (Mamiko Noto) is in the rotation this time, which makes a nice segue into the final show on this exhaustive, geeky list.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: The Nogizaka siblings are first, but Shiina and the maids are also getting releases. Two drama and character song albums are also planned. Moe means image songs which means yes. Thank you, spine jacket of the OP and ED singles, for giving me this information.

The final word: Almost everything. I jump for joy, and await the gigabytes of music contained above.

And that's the way it is.

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