State of the Character Songs Fall 2011

There's a lot of shows to cover, so let's get this started. Also, Happy Halloween everybody!

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
Ika has an album, Sanae a single, and the "I <3 Ika" album is also going to be released in December. A fair bit of stuff.

Nothing yet.

The first season's character songs just finished being released, and there's nothing for the second season in the immediate future.

A mini album for the main heroines is go.

Character song singles have been announced.

Tamayura ~hitotose~
A vocal album.

Nothing for now, but the ED is being covered in different combinations by almost the entire main cast.

Character songs with the DVDs/Blu-Rays.

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R-15 Character Song Albums

The song doesn't have anything explicit, but it uses a lot of euphemisms.

R-15, the show that proved sex sells, but was also a character study on the nature of genius, living up to expectations, and being comfortable with your own talents. However, I'm here to provide you character songs. I don't need to say who's singing on each album - the characters do a fine enough job of that.

Each album includes either the OP or ED, both in TV size and sung by the quartet on the album, the eyecatch music, four character songs, plus those four songs in instrumental and karaoke versions.

Utae's song was actually used in the show, as her hit single. All the rest weren't, but still fit their characters' selves very well. Note that, except for Taketo and Tsukuru, this is the first time singing solo for these voice actresses. Best of luck to them in the future.


MAJIYABA - Taketo, Fukune, Ritsu, Ran
Direct Download

HIRAMEKI - Utae, Raika, Katsuyo, Tsukuru
Direct Download

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Softenni Character Song + Drama Album

The Legend of Shiratama Middle School Unabridged

Okay, so Yayoi technically joined after the field trip arc. But this is a Drama CD, its relation to Softenni canon is a little nebulous. What I'm here for, though, is the character songs. They're lively, they're energetic, they're more than a little ridiculous. And every major character gets one, even Yayoi/Uzuki, even though she joined the club a little late in the show's run.

This is what I made this blog for. Support for the underdogs. Enjoy.

Direct Download

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State of the Character Songs Summer 2011

There's a lot of ground to cover. We're roughly a month into the new season, so let's get this started.

Each of the five girls has a character single on the way, featuring an original song and a solo version of the OP.

Two character songs have been announced, more might possibly follow.

Uta no Prince Sama
It's a show about music, it would be weirder if it didn't. But, yes, it does. Looks like the main characters all get a single.

Sacred Seven
An album for the maids has already released, with two CDs, each containing two songs apiece, on the way, covering other characters. The first CD has Alma and Ruri. There might be more, but not much is listed yet.

Yes, more are on the way.

A drama/character song CD has already been announced, so it'll have one song at least.

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel
Not likely at this point, though the franchise already has a fair amount of music built up over the years.

Yes! All eight main characters, in the Amusement Club and the Student Council, plus Mirakurun, are getting their own character singles. Notably, the Amusement Club's work in their leitmotifs you hear during the eycatches.

Kamisama Dolls
A drama/character CD or two has been announced for this show as well. Really, there are very few shows that don't have one this season.

This one's tricky. Technically, the iM@S franchise already has several gigabytes worth of songs released, that are being used in the show. As it turns out, those songs will be compiled onto albums released throughout the year, making it much easier on people who started with the anime. They're still not exactly "new" songs though.

Mayo Chiki!
A character song album is on the way, covering the major characters. (The female ones, at least.) Standard form here.

BakaTest Ni!
A single for Hideyoshi, two character singles that revolve more around concepts than characters, and an "Akihisa Harem CD" are all on the way, as well as whatever milktub's doing. None of them is a standard character song album like the first season, but the show has no shortage of music.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
Two albums with three songs apiece, collectively covering pretty much all the major characters.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu
Three albums with two songs apiece (though the final volume is for three characters), covering nearly everybody as well.

Two albums (team MAJIYABA and team HIRAMEKI), each with songs from four characters. This includes the protagonist and his best friend, a rarity for shows of its genre. Also, Ran is on the first CD. Make of that what you will.

Manyuu Hikenchou
Not likely to get character songs at this point, though I wouldn't rule out the possibility entirely.

Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian
Also unlikely, just from the tone of the show.

Odds and Ends
Nichijou has character songs announced for Sasahara and Misato, one for the Last Five People, and a "Mai Pace" CD. Strike Witches 2 continues to have its character songs delayed, but they're on the way. Denpa Onna's included with the DVD character songs were pushed back. Milky Holmes has a third album for sale.

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Kouji Kumeta Double Feature

In despair, life can be pretty good.

The new anime is old, and the old series is the new one. A reversal worthy of being called a moebius. I did say this blog had no problem with covering Tokusatsu, and it looks like now is as good a time as any to prove that. Two releases, released in tandem, are below.

Zetsubou Densetsu Episode 1
Direct Download

Katte ni Kaizou Shite Mo Ii ze
Direct Download

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State of the Character Songs Spring 2011

Let's get this started.

Dog Days
Not looking likely, but there's a slim possibility.

Tiger & Bunny
A song for Blue Rose has been announced. Might be the only song.

Hana-saku Iroha
Image song albums have been announced, but might be closer in concept to a concept album than a character song album. Not that the possibility is ruled out.

With the Blu-Rays.

Sengoku Otome
One CD, two group songs, already confirmed.

DVDs will have bonus music, but the game already had its fair share of songs released.

Sket Dance
Nothing stated, but the chances are likely.

A Channel
It's already got a boatload of insert songs that will come with the DVDs. No need to speculate further.

Maria Holic
Yes, with the DVDs.


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Pretty Rhythmn
Quite a few insert songs are on the way. So, also yes.


Hoshizora he Kakaruhashi
Yes, in the form of an album.

Kaminomi II
Already confirmed, yes. For the main heroines and Haqua.

Qwaser II
Very likely after the last season got one. Plus, it's under Lantis.

Aria the Scarlet Ammo
With the DVDs.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Same as Aria

Odds and Ends
Gosick has a CD coming out, Madoka has its DVD releases on the way, Ika Musume has at least three more CDs announced since we last checked in, and WORKING!! has a full set of songs about to be released.

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Celonius28 Lyrics Special - "Day alternates with night"

"Kimi ga Kureta Yume" only covered the first two books of the trilogy (NSFW). Raccoon Factory (feat.mao.nyanko) released another song (last month in fact), covering the last leg of the trilogy. The usual warnings apply.

Yui Hirasawa's That Is It may be depressing, but there is a ray of hope within it. Consider this song a journey through that. The lyrics come from the video, the images in the video from Takotuboya (NSFW) and the transcriptions and translations are done by me.

Note that in this song, there are English segments with Japanese translations. I translated both, as the meaning in them may slightly differ.

Download the Song (160kbps)

Day alternates with night - Kanji


伝えたい気持ちがあるのに 物足りない簡単な言葉へ
格好悪い私を 優しく不器用に
気づかないフリをして 抱きしめてくれたね

You Won't stop. (いつだってあなたは立ち止まってくれない)
I know that to go on, (私が自力で進むには)
I'll must break you, my all habits. (あなたを断ち切らないと駄目なんだ)
手のひらの憧れは 憧れのままに

呆れられた あの頃

現実を受け入れるほど 涙がこぼれて止まらない
過ぎた夢でもいい 偽りでもいいから。

Yes, I know... (本当は判ってるんだ)
「I'm ashamed, foolishness.」 (残念だってこと。 恥ずかしい人間だってこと。)
「...Please put an end to my life.」 (お願いたから私にトドメをさしてよ)
こお世界に身を投げれば どんあに楽か

傷ついて 折れないように
振り向いてもらえる その日まで
I say hello... hello...

You Won't stop. (いつだってあなたは立ち止まってくれない)
I know that to go on, (私が自力で進むには)
I'll must break you, my all habits. (あなたを断ち切らないと駄目なんだ)
Prodigies only live twice. (天才は二度死ぬ)
That's why I think... (だから…)
Seize the "days" and "precious ways" (大切な今を精一杯生きと思う)
It's time to say goodbye for me. (自分へ旅立ちの日を告げるんだ)
這い上がってみせるよ ここから何度でも

--- Day alternates with night... (朝と夜が交互に来る)

Day alternates with night - English

The direction the light shone in
You were standing there
I wanted to grab onto your back
And started running recklessly

There are feelings I'd like to convey that words can't describe
I calm down
I'm uncool, kind but unskilled
Pretend not to notice it and give me a hug

You Won't stop. (You are always stopping me.)
I know that to go on, (If I'm going to advance by myself)
I'll must break you, my all habits (It's no good unless I break our ties)
I hope that doesn't happen.
As long as this admiration is in the palm of my hand
My declining options softly whisper.

"My time will be up soon."
The approaching darkness taps me on the shoulder.
"Look ahead and live."
Those days shocked me

I accept this reality, my tears cannot stop
I'm not going to give up.
I can dream too, even if it's a lie
Even if I make some more small mistakes, let me stay as I am!

Yes, I know... (I am aware)
I'm ashamed, foolishness. (It's disappointing, I'm embarassed.)
...Please put an end to my life. (Please get me out of this.)
I've cried out many times.
I've given up on this world, what kind of comfort is there?
Looking up at the dark gray sky

I'm hurt, but I'm not going to give in
I'll laugh and become a blooming flower
Until that day when you turn around and
I'll say hello... hello...

You Won't stop. (You are always stopping me.)
I know that to go on, (If I'm going to advance by myself)
I'll must break you, my all habits (It's no good unless I break our ties)
Prodigies only live twice. (Geniuses only die twice.)
That's why I think... (So I...)
Seize the "days" and "precious ways" (I'll live to the best of my ability in this precious time)
It's time to say goodbye for me (I say to myself on the day I leave this behind)
I'll always be inexperienced
I'll crawl out of here many times
And shine again and again
In that place we promised...

--- Day alternates with night... (Day alternates with night)

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Celonius28 Lyrics Special - "Kimi ga Kureta Yume"

There is something you do not know about me, readers. Okay, there are many things you don't know about me. But one of those things is that the Takotsuboya K-ON! Trilogy deeply impacted me, as it has many. As this is a music blog, it impacted others too. A group called Racooon Factory has made some original music, two songs relating to this trilogy, that I wished to share with you.

Be warned. Like the trilogy (NSFW), the lyrics may leave you feeling sad for a while.

I transcribed these from their video. All credit goes to them for creating the video, and to Takotuboya (NSFW) for creating the doujin that made the video possible.

I am not a professional translator. Or even a semi-professional translator. Just one very ambitious dude.

Download the Song (192kbs)

君がくれた夢 (Kimi ga Kureta Yume; The Dream You Gave Me) - Kanji

届かない 夢なんか 見なければ
今頃 うまくやれたかな?
最後の "さようなら" から 指折り数えて、

やさしく 頷いて
励ましてくれた 笑顔が
ゼロからの 繰り返し
心の片隅で 誰を思う?

当たり前の 日常さえ
僕らの胸を 満たしていた。

無駄に流れて過ぎる 時間と距離

追いかけても、 追いついても、
僕らの胸を 締め付けてく。

いつになったら 自分の輝く順番が回ってくるの?

この孤独に 痩せた日々に
君の夢が、 君の歌が、
君の声が、 君の場所が、
僕らの明日を 繋いで行く

動き出した 心の奥で

The Dream You Gave Me - English

...Please tell me.
I need to know if you haven't reached your dream
Have you done well all this time?
Counting from our last "good-byes"
How much time do you think has gone by?

Those encouraging smiles
Gently nod to the sky
As if nothing had happened
And we set off on a journey, starting from zero again
Who remains in the corner of my heart?

These normal everydays
Are very difficult.
Your voice, your place
Satisfies our hearts.

"I'd like to be here,
not grinding with the gears of society."
Left those words behind, and vanished.
Yet I can't find even a little bit of happiness.
Drifting uselessly through time and distance

I chase it, catch it.
Yet only I am left alone.
Your voice, your place
Tightens our chests.

The scenario I'd hoped for isn't looking around
Walking slowly down the road I prepared
I'm going to die without standing out
When will my turn to shine come around?

...Hey, please let me know.
Please wake up.
If only you were still alive.
How will we ever get to fight face to face
In these lonely, empty days?
Your dreams, your song
Your voice, your place
Slowly connect us
To tomorrow

Something has begun to move
You still live inside my heart
With everyone....

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STEINS;GATE Audio Series Laboratory Member 001~008

"I hate time travel logic."

5pb. and Nitro+, I owe them quite a lot. Their blending of visual novel archetypes and science/paranormal mysteries has had a small but noticeable influence on my taste, and I have no doubt it's affected the rest of you. Steins;Gate will be getting an anime soon, but unlike Chaos;Head, this time the character songs are released before the anime. All eight are here, featuring voice actors new and old, including both the songs and the CD-Extra goodies, like wallpapers and such. Scans for all are included, because we here at Celonius28 (now) value having the complete package, which includes the package.


Megaupload folder
Group torrent

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State of the Character Songs Winter 2011

It's that time of year again.

While Celonius28's output has been much less numerically since we started, becoming a news resource is an equally important goal. Plus, there might be a few surprises in the future. Now, as this is a winter season, the amount of shows isn't as much, but here's what's on the lineup.

Rio -Rainbow Gate!-
For the Rio Super Carnival game, there already were character songs for several major characters. No idea if the anime will produce something new, though given that Rainbow Gate's website treats Super Carnival as being the character songs, it's unlikely, but still possible. It's all the same voice cast anyhow.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Will have character songs with the limited edition DVDs. Madoka is first up, with the rest of the main cast likely to follow. Whether they're dead or alive doesn't matter.

Infinite Stratos
Also has character songs listed for the DVDs. These might simply be solo versions of "SUPER STREAM", but some sort of character song is going to be included with them. Look for more detail closer to the DVD release date.

Yumekui Merry
It already has one release, with four more character songs planned, none of them Merry herself. Having one of them be Yumeji is a nice choice on the part of the creators.

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!
Mitsudomoe's already had a boatload of songs released for its first season, so unless more are suddenly announced for the second, it's unlikely. The Gachiranger single was a pleasant surprise, though.

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
A character song album has been announced for this long-titled show. More details to come.

Dragon Crisis!
A character song album has also been announced.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
Nothing's been announced, but the possibility is there, just somewhat unlikely. flying Dog isn't one for character songs for its shows, barring a few select occasions.

The Rest
Knowing the genres of the other shows and who's releasing them, the chance of character songs is looking relatively low, given that character songs in general tend to gravitate towards the more hardcore nerd type shows. However, Fairy Tail has had a character song album announced recently, and SoraOto forte will have its album releasing soon.

Keep an eye on the Twitter!

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