Smile Mankai, Kira Kira Sekai

While on my daily looking around at the Animate website, I happened upon some news for releases that tickles my fancy.

Strike Witches will be getting a Character Song album, though that was almost inevitable with the seiyuu cast in it. Also, the Character Song album will have no pants. Though you probably could've guessed that.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama is also getting a Character Song album. Unless the show is on the absolute edge of seriousness, really, most shows get one these days. Yukana as Kuugen Tenkou, Yui Kano as Misaki Sakura, and Saori Hayami as Kou are among the voices that will be on this album.

Just to show that, yes, I also cover tokusatsu, Enjin Sentai Go-onger has confirmed a "Go-on Girls" mini-album. The female duo on the show hasn't been called attention to since Dekaranger, and with the bright and bubbly Saki and the ojou-type brother-crushing absolutely insane when she gets worked up Miu contrasting each other, I await this release as much as I await every musical release.

And that's how it is.

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