Raichou and Hikari's Excellent Adventure

The common link between S.A and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is Yuko Gotou, thus explaining the header for the post. In an update to the State of the Character Songs address that kicked off this blog, both S.A and Kyouran Kazoku will be getting Character Song albums out in September.

S.A's will have 11 songs, including Hikari and Kei solo versions of "Gorgeous 4U" and "Special Gyutto Good luck!". The seven members of the S.A, Yahiro and Sakura are the other characters with enough screentime and importance to earn songs.

As for KKN, while the Lantis web site has yet to update, all sources are showing that the Character Song album has been pushed ahead to September 10th. A one-month delay is infinitely better than a four or five month one, and the show will still be ongoing at that point. Before the Lantis site blanked out on the album's entry, Madara, Odessa Ei, Mujakky, Pierre, Chieri, Raichou, and Shinigami III were among the characters listed as getting a chance to sing.

September will be a great month for Character Song lovers all around, so stay tuned.

And that's the way it will be.

Edit: It would appear that the S.A album doesn't contain any actual new songs, but rather a quick repackaging of all the ones released during the year. Still, a nice and convenient way for people to get them. As for KKN, according to Animate, the CD has been delayed AGAIN. Now it's in October. What's causing the delays? Time will tell.

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