Kanokon Soundtrack (DVD 4 Limited Edition)

Trying to find a worksafe Kanokon image is tougher than one would think.

Included with the limited edition volume of DVD 4, this soundtrack includes 24 tracks of music suitable for groping shotas to. Out of all the ways music is released today, "DVD-exclusive" is no doubt the toughest to find. But it's definitely not impossible.

Direct Download


  1. Could you please reupload/seed?

  2. Thx for direct link - no seeder on the torrent.

  3. Thank you very much. I love this anime. Its odd and has somewhat of a dirty ending lolz. But somehow you still get attached to the characters. Though I think Kouta's voice is somewhat depicts 7 year old lol. And sounds more girlish. I kind of don't like that. It doesn't make him sound like a 1st year in high school.