Rosario to Vampire Capu2: Fall 2008 Pre-Report and Spring/Summer Post-Report

That I'm able to do a character song report before the show technically debuts is an odd thing in itself. This'll be kept in mind for the next State of The, but where there's news, it'll be reported!

At the end of October, the first four (I assume there shall be more. Mizore shan't be shafted) character singles for Capu2 will be released. As with the last time around, the singles have a song written for the girls, plus a cover of an 80's song. Not quite sure what the 80's have to do with Rosario, but then again, I don't really know what disco does either.

"Anata ni Kappuchu! (あなたにカプッchu!)"

"Positive☆Rock 'n' Roll (ポジティブ☆ロケンロー)"

"Yahoo nano ni... (やふなのに…)"

"Majokko? Onna no Ko (魔女っコ? 女のコ)"

The covers are as flashy and fanservicey as ever, but that's Rosario. With such a deluge of new shows set to hit the airwaves, you can be assured that Celonius28 will provide the unprovided and report which ones get songs at all.

A Koihime Musou character song single for Kannu and Chouhi was recently announced. And Misaki's not on the Oinari-sama album, while it appears my instincts were off about the Strike Witches one. That's actually a complete ending theme collection, not character songs. Still a good bit of music to have, though.

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