Bamboo Blade Drama CDs

Because we can't leave Pink/Black and Green out now.

Bamboo Blade really had a lot. Kendo, moe, Blade Braver, Saya and Kirino's heavy romantic two girl friendship (Saya's, at least) and the buttocks that can leave a Nintendo DS broken. Across the OSTs, Tama, Kirino and Sayako's character songs appeared, but the last two contain the songs for Miya-Miya (Aka Ban) and Satori (Shiro Ban). Plus dramas, of course, to add just a little bit more onto the story.


Aka Ban
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Shiro Ban
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  1. Hi there!
    Thank you very much for providing this 2 Drama CDs to us. YOU'RE MY SAVIOR! I've been looking all over for this anywhere but could never find any traces of these. Finally my soul has lighten up from one of the burdens of looking for those hard-to-find albums. Really I truly appreciate it! *bows*
    And oh by the way, I am glad that you posted these 2 as torrents in TokyoTosho. I was looking for updates there when your torrents caught my attention. If it weren't for those, I wouldn't have known that this blog existed. Once again, thank you so much! ^-^