Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Image Song Collection Norte Amour

Not a trap, but was once a dude. Still, nothing wrong with it.

The next step up from "trap" is "gender bender", and another image song collection surfaces. The song played in the final episode, cover versions of "Michishirube" and, of course, character songs, are all present here.

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  1. Is it me or really I am destined to be here?
    You have the 3 albums in which I've been dying to look for all over you know! This includes this one.
    You're again my savior! Hehe! Thank you so much!
    Actually I've been kind of depressed cause when my father carelessly formatted my computer. One of the files deleted was this Kashimashi Norte Amour album. And truly I didn't know where I've found it and I'm sure it wasn't from your blog cause it was just posted just this November. LOL! I was thinking it was from Share but this time, it has no more seeds so I find it hard to think that I could no longer find this album again. I found some actually but I never understood why the songs are not separated tracks and so I wasn't satisfied about it.
    Its songs are really great for me especially the melody.
    I couldn't understand Japanese but I heard from others that it has great lyrics.
    I hope you would post more hard-to-find albums here soon.
    I felt so lucky to find this blog. Hehe!

  2. I've been searching for this great OST. Best songs for the Best Shoujo-ai anime evar! Many many thanks for sharing.

  3. any rapidshare link please?