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It goes without saying that my taste in anime is not bound to anything. Be the source a novel visual or light, manga or made up for TV, I'm willing to watch it as long as the combination of elements is right. I don't have guilty pleasures, because a feeling of guilt while watching something is rather bothersome. But Koi Koi 7 is probably one of my ultimate favorites, even with a total lack of substance.

It hits all the right elements. Cute girls, Sentai heroes and, in the manga (and a bit of that feeling carries to the anime), that idea that something dark, perhaps a little scary, is lurking beneath the surface. But I keep my soapboxing to a minimum as this is really about the music, and these six character albums are rare. Each one includes three songs and an instrumental piece. The full treatment is given to each of them — highest quality bitrate and scans included. So, let us begin.

Direct Downloads of All Songs

"Spring's flowers bloom in spring, autumn's flowers bloom in autumn."

First up is Yayoi Asuka (the pink-haired one). Tetsuro's on the cover too. Lucky guy, getting hitched like that. Yayoi's songs are "Colorful", "Angel Sign" and her single, "Yakusoku".


"Despite this beauty, people still cry out for help!"

Next is probably my favorite of the girls, Akio Suzuka. Would-be Sentai heroine. Seen here in a lovely China dress. Akio's songs are "Ai wa Kono Te ga Mamoru no da", "Love is Power" and "A Champion of Peace". All of those have a very heroic slant to them, you have to admit.


"The moon in the east and the sun in the west."

Next we come to Sakuya Kazamatsuri. Tomboy, gunslinger and not much shame when it comes to walking around the house. Fitting to her trigger-happy nature, seen here as a lady cop. Sakuya's songs include "Doushi Renai", "The Ice Picks of Love" and "Mirai Heart".


"As long as there is evil in this world..."

Miyabi Tsukuyomi, seen here as a maid. She of the prehensile hair, shapeshifting and loved by girls everywhere. The right combo of aloof and suave. Miyabi's songs include "Ai no Hane", "Mure ni Kaerenai Tori" and "D-day".


"Kindness alone will not be enough."

Hifumi Inokai is next. The group's resident Cute Bruiser, and as far as the albums go, nurse. Her songs include "Watashi to Midori no Katachi", "Cosmic Light" and "Vegetable Juice". If she sounds familiar, that's because it's Kimiko Koyama - currently known as Yukari Sendou.


"Let the flower of love bloom!"

Finally, Otome Chouno. Oldest in age, youngest in looks. Seen here in some sort of Arabian dress. Her songs include "Miracle Moment", "Hitori Dake no Tokimeki" and "Puzzle". Incomprehensible? Not in the least.


" Life is short, so fall in love! Together we are six, but we're called Koi Koi Seven! Even without the call, we have arrived!"

This last one is a surprise even to me. This is the complete song collection, "Paradise". Full versions of the OP and ED, the songs from the character song singles (including three that, out of my releases, can only be found here), and two songs that can be found only on here. "Pineapple Summer", a goofy song by the six main girls and - here's the big one - the other Yayoi's (aka Celonius28)'s song, "Lost Days". Sung by Nana Mizuki. So, yes, Celonius28's Song Images finally lives up to its name. And so, that wraps up this very long, yet very music-filled post.

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