CODE-E & Mission-E OST

You wa SHOCK!

This is a very nice release, if a little on the big side. The complete OST to both CODE-E and Mission-E, as well as the only place to find CODE-E's ending theme by Yuuna Inamura (she once again shows up on the site), "Kimi Kara no Kiseki". About the only song that's not on here is the full size Halko Momoi version of "Feel so Easy!", but that one's easy to acquire.

That said, I wonder why no one's done a Toaru Majutsu no Index video about Misaka with "Koi wa Biri Biri SENSATION!". Too easy? Too punny? Regardless, enjoy.

Direct Download


  1. Thanks for the release!

    Do you have any intention of releasing the new Chaos;Head Noah stuff that came out yesterday? Fake Me, the new Ayase single, and the last two triggers?

  2. I'm a man of my word and a man of completion - of course. It just needs to...appear...first.

  3. You have just made my life. Honestly. I searched for Mission-e on TT, wanting to know if all of the episodes had been released. And I find -this- torrent up there. I could literally cry in happiness. You have no idea.

    Thank you good sir. Thank you. You are a hero.