Kemeko Deluxe! Deluxe na CDs

Brought to you by Chavez and Pasolini.

The two bonus CDs for Kemeko have finally arrived! Each CD contains three dramas and two character songs. One by MM, one by Izumi and two by the Fumiko/Aoi duet. I was expecting something for Kurosaki or Haya myself (or maybe even Tamako), but the two halves of Sanpeita's love triangle are alright with me. In contrast to the OP and ED, these are serene and melodic. Also, good if you're a Haruka Tomatsu fan. She's going to be all over the place this season.

That said, MARVELOUS! And enjoy.

Deluxe na CD-01
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Deluxe na CD-02
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  1. Thankoo very much! I've been wanting to hear CD-02 every since I saw the cover (The beauty contest from the manga). Woo!