Higurashi Kizuna 4th Single - Angelic bright

Hanyuu, take us home.

I'm aware it's been a while since I've released something, but I'm not going to stop. The times are changing. I've added a Twitter feed off to the side (the news of which will be collected into the State of the, I'm not stopping those), and have two new releases today. Celonius28 also has been authorized on TokyoTosho, so you can be sure it's an official release. (I'm the only one using this name as it is. Obscure anime can do that.)

My desire to have scans is both my strength and my weakness. This lacked scans, so I provided some. In here is the theme to the fourth and last of the Higurashi Kizuna DS game series. This version's singles are sung by Ayane, one of my favorites. Enjoy.

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  1. ahhh finallyy there is scans for thissss

    tq, celonius :3

    now let's take a look and see how i can put this lyric in my blog too.

    once again, tq :D