Saki Portable OP ED

If they're playing their own game, we have entered a recursive reality.

The first of three releases I have in store for today, though there's plenty of releases in general on the way. We're in the end of the month release-happy period, and a new season is upon us. In here are the OP and ED to Saki Portable, sung by Little Non. Easier to understand than "bloooomin'", but still catchy. Absurdly long title, though. I haven't seen something of that length since Higurashi Daybreak's single.

Direct Download


  1. Do you have a lossless version of this?

  2. Oh nevermind! I found a lossless version! XD I downloaded your version too so many thanks to you for my discovery of this from tokyotosho! And indeed it is a veeery long title!

  3. The lossless version is very likely also my version. This is just my public face.