Kamen no Maid Guy Character Song 1 - Kogarashi and Fujiwara Naeka

320kbps, scans included

The first of four from the Maid Guy Character Song series featuring Kogarashi the Maid Guy and Fujiwara Naeka. Songs on the CD are "That's Me, Maid Guy!", "Otome Panic", and two TV size versions of the ED theme, "Wakugai!!". Yes, contrary to what 4chan and other sources may have said, "Wakugai" is the name of the song. In Japanese, it means "to go beyond the limits". Kamina's philosophy.

Kamen no Maid Guy Character Song 1 Kogarashi v2
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And that's the way it is. Rock on, my fellow Maid Guy fans.


  1. Could you edit this entry so the links point to version 2?

  2. Done. In retrospect, I probably should've done that earlier.