The Celonius28 Mission Statement

With a wave of releases coming up in the rest of the week, I feel I should establish what the goal of this blog is. Partly because it makes me seem official, and partly because I've never written a declaration before and wish to now. I'll be like Thomas Jefferson.

I, as the sole manager of Celonius28's song images, believe that all music is equal. From the powerful "euphoric field" to the cutesy J-Pop openings of Shugo Chara!. Sometimes, the more established groups tend to overlook some the music for a series due to lack of demand, lack of notice, or some other reason. My goal is to provide those. No matter how obscure or possibly bad the show may be. There is always someone who wants that song. If nobody is to provide, then I feel it is my job to provide. As long as there are resources, so shall I provide. And I shall do it whilst never losing my vigor.

And that's when I decided that ending a post the same way all the time gets boring, and decided to add some variety.

Giant Robots!


  1. I like the character CDs you found! Especially the Nanatsuiro Drops and the Special A album! I...I'm not sure if I'm allowed to request, but...can you find a certain album? I'm looking for it. It's this.


    I'm trying to find it, but I've had NO luck. I wanna hear Puchiko's new voice.

  2. I don't think I can take requests, mostly because I want to maintain a complete sense of unpredictability. But rest assured, I'm among the the fans taking note of what people are looking for.

  3. Oh. Okay then. Thanks anyway! I'm looking forward to new releases!