Nogizaka Mika's Mai Fair Radio Special CD

Comiket 74 special.

Our horizons continue to expand beyond "rare character songs" and into "rare CDs in general", but this one is two different kinds of unexplored territory - a Comiket 74 CD and a Radio CD. The theme song to the radio show hosted (and still ongoing) by Mai Goto, voice of Mika Nogizaka, is contained within, along with a special radio show. The title was translated as best as possible to convey the pun.

Nogizaka Haruka's music isn't done yet. Two drama CDs, each with a song by the group N's created for the series, are scheduled for the next two months. If they're overlooked, you can count on Celonius28 to look right at them. Onward!

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  1. I really should check your wonderful site more often. Thanks for this rarity, and for spreading the mai goto love <3