State of the Character Songs Spring 2009

Spring is in the air, new series are singing their songful songs and news hovers on the lips of the music companies. Surprisingly early, there's a wealth of information on plenty of series that have begun airing these past few weeks. Normally I wait until at least a month in, but for once, I'd say there's enough information for me to charge ahead regardless. So let the guesswork and overview begin.

Edit: Update on 4/21 to Natsu no Arashi! and Asura Cryin'.
Edit Edit: K-On! updated on 4/30.
Edit Edit Edit: K-On! re-edited on 5/04.

Queen's Blade
Already confirmed by the show's official website, there will be eight character song/drama albums for some of the more major characters. Leina, Elina, Tomoe, Nanael, Nowa, Airi, Menace and Melona. A nice selection of voice actresses among that group of eight, though these CDs won't be released until the series has long since finished airing.

Asura Cryin'
An Asura Cryin' Variety CD has appeared in the listings. Character songs are likely, with the likeliest of likely candidates being Misao and Kanade, though anyone is fair game when it comes to character songs.

Basquash! and K-ON!
Why are these two grouped together? So far, they seem to be in a similar situation. No outright image songs, but both have had insert song singles announced. Basquash! has "Running On", by Eclipse and K-ON! has "Fuwafuwa Jikan", the song written by Mio in the manga.

Hayate no Gotoku!!
Now we're talking. Two character CDs (each with two songs apiece) have made their way onto the listings - one for Nagi, one for Hinagiku. Going by what the listings have said, there will be a total of eight of these, and Hayate has a large enough cast to make such a thing possible. Plus after the character songfest the first season was, this hardly comes as a surprise.

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S
The website for the show has already updated with information on this. Three character song singles, each with two characters. The first is Phoron and Renbart, the second is Eufinley and Corti, the third the Yugiri sisters. The same six that were on "Metamorphose" two years ago, except now split in three to obtain more money from the people.

Technically, the visual novel already covered the character song territory. The little mini album that came with the limited edition of the game - "Moment of Love" - had a song for all the haremettes. On the other hand, the show's being partly produced by 5pb., and they have a tendency for lots of character songs. This could go either way.

Natsu no Arashi!
A Natsu no Arashi! Character Song CD has appeared in the listings. This one can be added to the "confirmed" list. As well as added to the "stable time loop" list and the "SHAFT Madness" list.

Nothing's been formally announced, but with the show being produced by Lantis and having a good cast of voice actresses on hand, I'd say the possibility of such a thing is significantly higher than normal. Though even if nothing formally materializes, the ED single will include a duet by Saki and Nodoka.

Hatsukoi Limited
Already confirmed. Four singles - in order: Kei and Rika, Misaki and Meguru, Koyoi and Nao, Ayumi and Soako. I'm looking forward to these.

That's all the info I've acquired for now. Thank you, readers! May the music guide you.


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