K-ON! Character Songs Confirmed

According to various sources, K-ON! will be getting character songs. The reasons for this, no doubt, are twofold. The first is because, as a musical series, having more songs for it just makes sense. (See also: Polyphonica). The second reason is because Pony Canyon likes money.

Yui and Mio have their singles releasing on 6/17.
Mugi and Ritsu release theirs on 7/15.

Also, if you see four girls on the road in a mysteriously retro car, there's a bounty on them. Thank you, and good day.

Minor Edit: Switched Mio and Mugi on the release date calendar.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Yay. =3

    Thanks for the news. It would make sense to have character songs since the series is pretty popular and it will make money for their pockets.

    I was pretty surprised they didn't think about that earlier since it already got an anime with just one volume out.