Saki Character Song Album Confirmed

From my usual sources (see the sidebar to the right. Not only do I make regular use of them, I want my readers to as well), my guesswork proves to be correct this time. A character song album for Saki will be releasing, but since this show has a moderately large number of characters, only the fifth player in the rotation of every team will sing.

Thus, the listing (a fairly nice selection of VAs) is:

Kiyosumi: Saki (Kana Ueda)
Ryuumonbuchi: Koromo (Kaori Fukuhara)
Kazekoshi: Ikeda (Rika Morinaga)
Tsuruga: Yumi (Yuu Kobayashi)

This is all that's known for now, and if there is more news, I will, of course, report it.


  1. Pfft... One would think they would just do the Kiyosumi team, but no, they have to do the people playing in the Captain round instead... XD (Not that it matters much to me; Ueda Kana is still on the album. :-) )

  2. Here's the new list for the Saki Character Album by the way... http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?p=2518892#post2518892
    Together with the original source the by the user who posted it.

    And here I thought Takei Hisa will be included. *depressed* (._.)